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Jade Massentoff

Singer| Songwriter | Pole Fitness Instructor | Dancer | Actress

Jade Massentoff is a talented musician and dancer who has overcome personal tragedy to pursue her passions. From a young age, she showed a natural inclination for music and dance, but a devastating loss in her life caused her to temporarily lose her love for music.

However, she eventually found her way back to it and used her pain to fuel her creative pursuits. Jade is a woman who lives life on her own terms, unapologetically and with a fierce determination. She has worked hard to shed the opinions of others and focus on what truly matters to her, leading her to a life without limits.

Through her music, Jade shares her purpose with others and inspires them to pursue their own passions.

Despite facing several obstacles, Jade persevered in her pursuits as a Recording Artist, Entrepreneur, Professional Actress, Pole Fitness Instructor, and Influencer. From discovering her true identity, she has successfully been featured in Music Videos, self-funded her Music Projects, taken on Lead Acting roles, created her own Merchandise, and is now guiding others in their own self-discovery.

Jade is rightfully known as, “The Jade of All Trades”.

Jade appears on NBC News, talking about her Kellyoke Experience.


Jade Massentoff started her acting debut in 2019, starring in the Hit Stage Play "When My Heart Stopped", featuring singer/actress, Ms. KeKe Wyatt. Jade amazed the audience with her dynamic vocals singing the curtains down!

Jade auditioned and...

Landed her 1st lead role in the hit stage play "HOODOO LOVE" written by Katori Hall, performed at the Historically Black Theater in downtown Fort Worth, TX "The Jubilee Theater"


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Jade Massentoff
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