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2022 Enrollments
Open September 2021

2021 Class Schedule-VIRTUAL CLASSES


Acting Classes: JG STUDIOS COMPANY, offers the following services.

Class 6:15 pm-7:15 pm (Youth Ages 7-16)

January- Intro to Acting
February- Emotions
March- What is a Script? How to read it?
April- Storytelling
May- Character /Role Playing
June- Monologues
August- Blocking
September- Headshots, Resumes, Agents, IMDb,Auditioning
October- Student Project Rehearsal

November- Recital Month & Awards

Class Time 7:30 pm-8:30 pm (Youth 17 & up)

January- Methods of Acting (What is your method?)
February- Script Analysis
March- Character Analysis
April- Storytelling
May-Open Scenes
June- Monologues
July- Improvisation
September- Headshots, Resumes, Agents, IMDb, Auditioning
October-Student Project Rehearsal

November- Recital Month & Awards Month