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  • How are we billed?
    Join us for one of our exciting workshops! Simply choose the one you'd like to attend and pay. Please note that our classes won't begin until 2024, but we will be hosting workshops until 2023. After that, we'll evaluate how effective the workshops are and decide on our training approach going forward. Don't miss out – register now!
  • How often will you host classes?
    Looking ahead to the rest of 2023, I have made the decision to focus solely on workshops for the remainder of the year. Depending on how this experiment goes, we will then resume our regular classes in January 2024. This is an exciting new direction for us.
  • Do you have to have acting experience to join?
    No, this is for anyone serious and interested in learning how to act?
  • Do you just teach acting methods, acting techniques or both?"
    As an acting instructor, I believe in teaching both theory and practice. While techniques are valuable, understanding the history of acting and its related components is essential to success. It's great to learn how to block, but it's useless if you can't act. That's why I introduce each student to various acting methods, allowing them to choose which method they prefer.
  • How do you select your talent to manage?
    When it comes to working with others, it's a two-way street. Rather than solely selecting them, it's important that both parties agree that the partnership is mutually beneficial. After all, it's a relationship, and the integrity of each person involved must be respected to ensure satisfaction.
  • How many person do you manage?
    Managing a business can be a laborious task, which is why I choose to keep my client base small. My main goal is to provide excellent service and be available to each client, without the risk of becoming overworked. As of now, I am only managing up to 10 people.
  • What is your percentage to manage?
    My percentage starts at 10% and varies based on the needs of the client.
  • How do I apply to be considered?
    Send an email to and put Manager Needed in Subject line. We will get back with you in 24-48 hours.
  • Are you an Agent?
    Clarification on Role: Talent Manager vs. Agent To avoid any confusion, I want to clarify that I am a talent manager who provides support to talent. My primary role is not to find jobs, but rather to help manage and guide your career. It's the agent who typically handles job opportunities.
  • How long have you been managing?
    After managing for a decade without compensation, I realized that I needed to be paid for my work. As a result, I transitioned to a for-profit model in 2020.
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