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AJ "Scoop" Williams


AJ "Scoop" Williams is a 10-year old acting prodigy who has appeared in multiple short films and has been trained by JG Studios Company. He is known for delivering powerful performances and has been featured in several award-winning projects. He is considered to be the next big acting sensation.

·         Height: 4’8

·         Weight: 75 lbs.

·         Hair Color: Dark Brown

·         Eye Color: Dark Brown

·         Vocal Range: Alto

Performance Experience:

·         Student, Ladies in Film & Television, Jeanette Greenwood, “BRIGHT LIGHTS” 2022 ·         Friend, Tammy Jackson Production, Tammy Jackson, “A BALLER’S PROMISE” 2021

·         Student, JG STUDIOS COMPANY, Jeanette Greenwood, “ZOOMZILLA” 2020


·         JG STUDIOS COMPANY, 2019-Present


AJ "Scoop" Williams
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