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Acting with Jeanette Greenwood

Summer Workshops will be offered 2021. 

Private coaching sessions are available by appointments only. 

Classes are offered weekly for 11-months. 

Mondays (Virtually Due to Covid-19)

Youth 6:15 pm CST (Ages 7-16)

Adults 7:30 pm CST (Ages 17 & up)


Our Studio

JG STUDIOS COMPANY offers services to new and existing actors.  Classes are taught by Jeanette Greenwood, an Award-Winning writer, director, and producer.  JG Studios Company offers virtual classes currently due to Covid-19.  

Jeanette is located in Arlington, TX, however, due to Covid-19, she had to shut down her physical location.  Jeanette will resume business once the threat of COVID-19 decreases. We care for the health of our clients.  Therefore, we will continue virtual classes until further notice.

Our Clients


Clients & Partners Testimonials.


"Working with Jeanette has completely changed my life! Her knowledge and skills have helped me be prepared and confident to tackle the industry! It has truly been an amazing experience learning and growing not only as an artist but as an actress. With her help, I was able to get signed to the Linicomn Agency. Thank you Jeanette! ?


Marlene Thornton

"Since joining JG Studios in July, 2018, I was cast in my first stage play (I Am Beautiful) since college in December of that same year.  In 2019, I was cast in my first movie as a Church Lady/Prayer Warrior (Miss Juneteenth), and I was in my first Music Video (Depression).  I was cast in my first Virtual Web Series (Corona Blues) and starred in Zoomzilla; another Virtual Short Film.  Both projects were JG Studios projects and they were very successful.  I have been represented by Sparks Talent Agency since February, 2020.  I would recommend JG STUDIOS to any actor that is serious about his/her craft.  You will get what you need if you really want it at JG Studios. "

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