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JG STUDIOS COMPANY offers a wide range of services to new and established actors.


With more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Jeanette Greenwood continues to give 100% to each of her clients. Classes are taught by Jeanette Greenwood, an International Award-Winning writer, director, and producer.

As a result of Covid-19, Jeanette had to shut down her physical location in Arlington, TX. Jeanette understands the importance of acting face-to-face, so she is working to secure a new location in Arlington, TX to maintain the excitement she shared with her students.  However until she finds a location that will accommodate her desired curriculum and space, she will continue her virtual classes.

As a coach, Jeanette not only focuses on actors but also works with coaching singers, dancers, comedians, and public speakers who want to develop their confidence using acting methods to help gain that confidence.

Acting with Jeanette Greenwood

  • Stage Presence

  • Social Media Review

  • Talent Management

  • Agent Referral

Classes are offered weekly for 11 months. 

Mondays (Virtually Due to Covid-19)

Private coaching sessions are available by appointment only. 

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