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Most frequently asked questions


How are we billed?

Once you pay your admin fee and 1st month fee, you will be billed monthly. An invoice will be emailed to you and you can pay via that email with your PayPal account or a debit card.

How often do we meet?

Classes are held weekly for 1 hour, virtually due to Covid-19. Once Covid clears we will go back to face to face.

What if I miss a day, do I still have to pay for that week?

Yes. I bill monthly so whether if you attend 5 weeks or 1 week that month you are still required to pay the monthly fees.

What if you cancel a class, do I have to pay for that week?

Again, I bill monthly, however if an emergency situation arise where I must cancel a class, depending on if it's a 5 Mondays in a month I will credit. If it's 4 or less classes I will credit, but if it's 5 classes for the month, I will not issue credits.

Do you have to have acting experience to join?

No, this is for anyone serious and interested in learning how to act?

Do you just teach acting methods, acting techniques or both?

I teach both. We study and then practice what was learned. I feel techniques are good and needed, but you must know the history behind acting and learn all the items that goes along with it to make you successful. Learning how to block is good, but if you can't act...what good is blocking? I feel each student needs to be introduced to each acting method then decide which method works best for them.

When is open enrollment?

I start enrollment in September the year prior to open enrollment. Example. September 2021 is our open enrollment for our 2022 year.

What are your rates?

Please contact us for current rates. We normally run an early-bird during September for the following year classes, so stay tuned for those announcements.

Talent Management

How do you select your talent to manage?

I don't select them we select each other. We must agree that we are good for each other. This is a relationship and we must be satisfied with the integrity of each other.

How many person do you manage?

Management is a tedious project, therefore I keep client base small. I want to ensure I am not overworked and available for each client. Currently I am only managing up to 10 people.

What is your percentage to manage?

My percentage starts at 10% and varies based on the needs of the client.

How do I apply to be considered?

Send an email to jeanette@jgstudioscompany.com and put Manager Needed in Subject line. We will get back with you in 24-48 hours.

Are you an Agent?

No, I am not an agent. I only manage and support the talent. The agent finds the jobs.

How long have you been managing?

I've been managing for 10 years for FREE, I recently decided that I needed to be compensated for what I do. I started managing as a business (for profit) in 2020.