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JG STUDIOS COMPANY is a boutique studio that provides...

  • Personal Branding

  • Talent Management

  • Coaching in Acting

  • Social Media Branding

  • Media Kits


2023 Workshops



Acting for Television
Acting for TV is different from stage acting. We will explore acting on film. The pace of filming pressures actors to hit their performance quickly. Film actors are “natural. Cameras pick up every twitch, infliction, and subtle pause that an actor has and on film, the actor’s goal is to replicate reality. We will practice and explore all components of film acting. Self-taping will be required.


Acting for Theater
Laurence Olivier, Meryl Streep, Daniel Day-Lewis, Marlon Brando, Judi Dench, and Paul Newman…all started out as stage actors that transitioned to film. We will explore Stage Acting. We will discuss staging, blocking, THE GO BIG, and audience expectations. We will do physical movement in this class. Zoom or in-person requires space, so please have space to work.


Character Analysis
We will discuss characters from VARIOUS scripts and have you analyze each character. We will learn how to identify and connect with our characters. We will do extensive exercises from emotional to physical with lots of extensity.


Script Analysis
We will look over several scripts from known movies to capture what’s happening. Script analysis works hand and hand with Character analysis. We will explore components to help you understand how to read and break down your script.


Voice Over (New)
We will work on Voice Overs (V.O.) learning how to use the voice to tell a story. We will discuss cartoons, animation, and the purpose of voiceovers. We will discuss how to use your voice to win the auditions. Should we act when doing a voice-over? V.O. is YES! Let's explore.


Cold Readings
We will bring in scripts to practice on cold readings. Cold readings are when you are handed a script and they expect you to act it out, often with no time to analyze the script or character. We will spend the entire month on cold reads only. Most auditions are cold reading.


Open Scenes - Scene Study
We will learn how to study your scenes when practicing, and how to work with a partner. We also explore open scenes (Skeletal scripts) these are exercises to help you grow as an actor.


Dialects - New
We will explore different ways to change your voice and speak as other ethnicities. We will learn how to comfortably attempt the dialects and methods you can use to perfect it. We will work on 1 language for the month. Everyone will work on the same Dialect, it will take us a month to perfect it.


We will explore monologues and how to recite them. We will also write our own monologue for class.


Playwriting/Screenplay - New
This year we will not only act, but we will contribute to putting our thoughts on paper. You will learn a screenwriting system and how to create a small script for our recital. We will all work together, each class will be able to write in real-time as each work on characters. FUN CLASS!





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