Jeanette Greenwood

International Award Winning Screenwriter of the Year Jeanette Greenwood is best known for her creation of "FILM PLAYS", where she takes Theater & Film creating and amazing FILMETRICAL Experience! Filmetrical is not a real word! Jeanette Greenwood is definitely a Trendsetter and being an African American Female Writer, Producer and Director, she thrives to give all of her to her Arts.

Whether if she has 5 people in her audience or 5,000 she manages to give a Stellar Show! Jeanette is also known for the Director with the HUGE casts! Jeanette has produced productions with as many as 30 people on set! Sitting in the audience you wonder how can 1 person control so many attitudes and pull off a SUCCESSFUL Production!

Jeanette has over 30 years experience in Storytelling and has opened up her life and style to share with others. Jeanette uses a THREE STEP TECHNIQUE to write her plays. Jeanette has been known to write 164 page production in 7 days and it was a HIT! So many twists and turns to keep her audience on their seats. How can you write like that? Where do the creativity come from? Jeanette manages to encourage and stir up the gift in writers that weren't aware of their own abilities.

Jeanette students have gone as far as entering contests for 1st time walking away with 1st Place and Grand Prizes! Jeanette and her students won Tarrant County Teen Video Fest contest, she also took a group of students to Austin Texas winning 2nd Place in a huge competition across Texas. Jeanette and her youth made Channel 5 news!

She assisted a student with a short Film that not only granted her notoriety in her city as a 15 year old writer, but Juana Munoz film took her on the set of the Celebrity Photographer responsible for the No Hate Campaign where she traveled to New York, City for a Celebrity Photoshoot campaign fighting against Bullying and Hate for her contribution with her film, "ALONE".

Jeanette currently has a Cyber-Series called "Corona Blues", which has become a hit during the COVID-19 world shut down. Corona Blues is a campaign to bring awareness to COVID-19 and give actors something to do while quarantined. We are pulling actors together from across the world to work on this COVID-19 Series.

She stated, "We are doing this for fun to pass time while we wait for Hollywood to open back up and we get back to work". The storyline is based on current events with COVID-19.

She later created another Virtual Film "ZOOMZILLA" who has won awards from Italy, New York and India...the film is currently being screened across the world.