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Michael "SIR DRAKE" Drake Sr.

Actor | Comedian

Sir Drake a former semi-professional footballer is use to playing to a crowd. A native of Dallas, TX, Sir Drake offers original, adult-oriented, standup comedy without being too obscene or overly offensive. His style of comedy is very high energy with the skill to have you laughing for months.

Once Sir Drakesets foot on the stage he shatters into what he calls, In your face comedy (meaning he’s going to tell it like it is). By GOD’s gift, “Sir Drake” is naturally funny, but what makes him tick is the fact his concern is pleasing his audience.

That’s the bottom line! Because of that philosophy and dedication to his craft “Sir Drake” has earned and gained the admiration and respect of all his peers as well as the attention of many club owners.” Sir Drake” left the scene blazing hot only to raise his children and have more time with his family, the kids are grown and now it’s time to get back out here and live his dreams.

Comedy Appearances

Earthquakes Comedy Corner Arlington, TX

Steve Harvey’s Comedy House Dallas, TX



FUNNY BONE Arlington, TX

Military Installation Bases

Japan Hawaii Italy Spain

Panama New Mexico Denver Kansas

Arizona Georgia El Paso, TX Louisiana

Chicago Baltimore Missouri Marshall, TX


Open For

Steve Harvey Dallas, TX

Shuckey Duckey San Antonio, TX

Austin, TX

Norfolk, VA

Clips From Web-series "C-Blues"

Sir Drake landed his first acting role in the Web-Series "C-Blues". They booked him for 1 episode but he brought life to his character "Mathew", and left his new fan base wanting more, which resulted in him working both Seasons 1 & 2. With his comedic ability to create perfect timing for the character, he left the audience with all types of emotions, not knowing to laugh or cry for Matthew!


Michael "SIR DRAKE" Drake Sr.
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