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Michaella Terrell

Actress | Voiceover Actress

Michaella is an actor, voiceover and writer based in Dallas, Texas. She joined Ladies in Film & Television (LIFT) in January 2020 and started her acting career in September 2020 after attending two Master Classes held by Ladies in Film & Television that featured Elvin Ross & Darius McCrary.


Michaella has completed filming roles in several web films; Zoomzilla, C- Blues 2 & Zoom Affair. Recently, Michaella participated in Jeanette Greenwood’s upcoming web feature Bright Lights playing the role of Detective Mosely.


Michaella is currently attending acting classes at JG Studios. In addition, she has also completed several other classes with LIFT.


Instagram: @michaella_eleverton


"You’re not too old to start living your dream; the time is now!"


Looking forward to working in the next award-winning series/film/movie.

Michaella Terrell
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